Sarah Jessica Parker’s life is hard [Sex and the City]

Sarah Jessica Parker rocked up to the hallmark debut of her film at Manhattan’s iconic Radio City Music Hall last week in what she thought was a one-of-a-kind strapless, shimmery blue dress.

It has now emerged, however, that, not only had it been worn once before, by Lauren Santo Domingo at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala last month, but it was also paraded by Lindsay Lohan in Harper’s Bazaar magazine in March.

Parker told The New York Times that she was deeply disappointed to learn of the two appearances of her dress before her SATC premiere. “What they did was so short-sighted. It’s just unethical and disappointing that they would allow the dress to be worn again,” she told the newspaper.

[Link, image The Sydney Morning Herald]


3 Responses to “Sarah Jessica Parker’s life is hard [Sex and the City]”

  1. I don’t understand well the problem with Jessica dress!!!

  2. I hear women on Mars are wearing the same silver metallic dress this season, SJP. Unethical!

  3. Nooneimportant Says:

    Who cares if some other tarts have worn the frock before her?! SJP did it best, fo’ sho!

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