Outwit, outplay, outside-the-limits-of-words-I’m-able-to-pronounce [Survivor]

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TocantinsSo I’m watching Survivor: Tocantins, which has gotten off to a good start except for the part where I have no idea how to pronounce “Tocantins”. Which makes me feel stupid, because if Jeff Probst knows how, I should know how, dammit. To-can-tins? To-chan-tins? To-can-chins? It sounds like a species of Pokemon.

PS, so far I kind of love Sandy (who at 53 is the “older woman”; cue diatribe about how society doesn’t value women once they reach a certain age), even though she is clearly a bit stupid and crazy.


Peter Griffin milks yet more laffs out of Christian Bale rant [Family Guy]

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The infamous Christian Bale rant has been on the internet for more than a week now, which is real-world time is equivalent to approximately three-and-a-half years. Nevertheless, new remixes are still emerging. Here is Family Guy‘s (admittedly amusing) take:

[Via TMZ]

Bad news, everybody! [The Simpsons]

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You guys, I have some terrible news: after 20 years, The Simpsons has a new opening credits sequence:

Eeeewww it’s all new and different and I hate it. This is worse than the time that… um, it’s worse than the time that… well, it’s not worse than any other times, because this is the worst thing that’s ever happened!

Hate to say this, but: time to kill it, Groening.

[Via Eye on Springfield]

Joel McHale vs Christian Bale [hee!]

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The Soup takes on Christian Bale’s epic rant (which I’m not bothering to link to, because if you haven’t seen it/heard it/frequently referenced it in conversation by now: seriously):


This show sucks [drama]

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Vampire cat

I hated Twilight (the book) but kinda dug Twilight (the movie), so I’m not sure how I feel about The CW’s latest pilot, Vampire Diaries:

Originally published in 1993 – which, as the CW took pains to note, was years before Stephenie Meyer launched her Twilight book franchise – Vampire Diaries revolves around a young woman who’s torn between two vampire brothers – one good, one evil – who are battling for her soul, and the souls of her pals, family and the small town where they live.

On the one hand, it’s being produced by the same company who does Gossip Girl and showrun by Dawson’s Creek‘s Kevin Williamson. Both potentially awesome. On the other hand, vampires are sooooo 2008.

[Via io9]

Bart Simpson: Scientologist [The Simpsons]

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The Simpsons

Real-life Scientologist Nancy Cartwright has declared that Bart Simpson is also a clam… sort of. You can read the whole saga at TV Squad.

Interesting fact of the day [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]

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Did you know that the guy who wrote the 2008 Youtube hit (in my mind, anyway) ‘Spaghetti Cat (I Weep For You)’, Parry Gripp, also co-wrote the theme tune to Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The more you know!

Videos for both songs, after the jump. Continue reading