Logies, schmogies [awards]

I only caught the last 20 minutes of the Logie Awards last night, but it was enough to remind me why I never bother with this buffoonishly irrelevant ceremony. Get this: immediately before Kate Ritchie won the Gold Logie there was a black-and-white montage of various talking heads miming to The Veronicas’ ‘Untouched’… huh? If there was a purpose to that besides confusing and embarrassing home audiences, it flew over my head.

And getting back to that Gold Logie: Kate had already won a Silver Logie for most popular actress earlier in the tediously bloated ceremony, so (as always) I’m left wondering what the Gold Logie is for, exactly. Another opportunity for Australian TV personalities to smugly pat themselves on the back?

I’m sure everyone at the Logies has a gay old time; it’s the rest of us I’m concerned about.


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