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Moore behind-the-scenes details than you ever needed [Battlestar Galactica]

Posted in Battlestar Galactica, news, North Americana, Virtuality on June 2, 2008 by jetsamjr

Wired has an epic interview with Battlestar Galactica creator with Ronald D. Moore (I almost wrote Ronn Moss then – way to go, brain) that you should only attempt if you have a spare half-hour lying around. There’s a reason it’s titled an “extended” interview, but it’s worth it if you’re a geek who’ll happily while away his life reading about the genesis of his favourite TV shows.



The next sci-fi hero [Virtuality]

Posted in casting, North Americana, Virtuality on May 28, 2008 by jetsamjr

Does this look like the face of a science-fiction hero?:

Actor James D’Arcy and his watery British eyes have landed the plum lead role in the upcoming sci-fi drama Virtuality. Per The Hollywood Reporter, he plays “the ship’s psych officer [Roger], who produces the virtual reality [modules]”; io9 described the character as “a cross between Gaius Baltar and Brother Cavil”. Intriguing!


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¤ Virtuality is a reality

Virtuality is a reality [Virtuality]

Posted in news, North Americana, Virtuality on May 22, 2008 by jetsamjr

io9 has the scoop on Ron Moore’s new sci-fi drama Virtuality; we’ve known for a while that the show is about the crew of Earth’s first spaceship, who use virtual-reality modules to occupy themselves on the long journey to a distant star system, but there’s a tonne of other stuff going on too.

Aside from the mysterious “Green Eyed Man” who’s murdering and raping and generally getting up to mischief in the simulated world, there’s also an unexpected reality TV subplot:

The ship is one huge “reality TV” show, which is broadcast back on Earth. The ship’s computer whiz, Billie, becomes the “host” of the show, which is struggling with declining ratings — so she has to find ways to increase the show’s “drama” to make it more compelling viewing.

Can’t say I saw that one coming.