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Dollhouse in the doghouse [Dollhouse]

Posted in Dollhouse, North Americana, oh noes! on November 8, 2008 by jetsamjr

DollhouseWell, this isn’t good: Fox has scheduled Dollhouse to premiere in a Friday-night timeslot… aka the deathslot. (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has also been wedged in next to it.)

Seems that production isn’t faring so well on the drama because of problems with the script. Hmmm. That doesn’t sound good. Maybe the show will turn out to be convoluted and crappy after all…


Brainwashing has never looked so sexy [Dollhouse]

Posted in Dollhouse, North Americana, spoilerama, video on November 6, 2008 by jetsamjr

The new trailer for Dollhouse (premiering in January) makes the show look like it’ll be either all kinds of awesome, OR, convoluted and crappy. I’m pegging my hopes on the former!

[via io9]

Dollhouse is addictive, weird [Dollhouse]

Posted in Dollhouse, North Americana, spoilerama on August 10, 2008 by jetsamjr

io9 takes a spoilery look at the new pilot episode of Dollhouse, and its plot sounds intriguing, compelling and weird. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Charlie Jane Anders isn’t sure:

I’m more convinced than ever that Dollhouse will be an addictive viewing experience — and that it may just be a little too weird for most viewers. Although I might have said the same about Lost, so you never know.

Uh oh… sounds like Dollhouse will require viewers to use their brain. That’s never an encouraging sign.

The real reason Joss is reshooting the pilot [Dollhouse]

Posted in Dollhouse, hotness, North Americana on July 29, 2008 by jetsamjr

So when Joss Whedon announced he’s reshooting the Dollhouse pilot, everyone was all like “doom and gloom“. Star Eliza Dushku explains the sexy reason behind Joss’s decision:

“I, for some reason, did not get to wear my leather pants in the first episode, and that was kind of a problem… that was like a deal breaker. We have leather pants for me in the next one.”

I approve!

[Link, via io9]

Dollhouse doomed [Dollhouse]

Posted in Dollhouse, news, North Americana on July 23, 2008 by jetsamjr

I hate to report bad news about Joss Whedon, especially since Dr Horrible was so good (and surprisingly bleak!), but this isn’t good news: not only is he reshooting the Dollhouse pilot because it doesn’t make sense to viewers, he’s also flipping the order of the first and second episodes. Hmm – there’s shades of Firefly here, and we all know how that turned out. (Maybe Dollhouse really will need that pre-emptive fan campaign after all.)

Luckily, Joss has leapt into to reassure his loyal army that Dollhouse isn’t in trouble: “I suggested I shoot a new [pilot] and make the one I’d shot the second. It isn’t going to be buried, like the pilot of Firefly. It’s simply coming after another, slightly cleaner ep. And because unlike Firefly, it isn’t a two-hour epic which introduces everyone to each other, the onus isn’t on the new ep to explain a million things.”

Phew? I hope?

Once again: Eliza Dushku is hot [Dollhouse]

Posted in Dollhouse, neat!, North Americana on June 10, 2008 by jetsamjr

SciFiCool has a few new Dollhouse promo pics:

To reiterate: Eliza Dushku is hot.


Dollhouse already building creepy, obsessive fanbase [Dollhouse]

Posted in Dollhouse, news, North Americana on May 28, 2008 by jetsamjr

Joss Whedon’s army of superfans must still be hurting from Firefly‘s cancellation: they’re already campaigning to save Dollhouse. Which isn’t slated to premiere until January. Wow.

Other fans are worried that too much in-your-face hype will turn people off the show (Joss Whedon fans? Alienating? Nooooo), but I don’t think either party has much to worry about. Fox isn’t stupid: they know Joss has an obsessively passionate fanbase which can be targeted with lots of advertiser-y goodness and is champing at the bit to buy DVDs, spin-off comics and all sorts of crappy “collectables”.


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