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Unwritten but not un-Photoshopped [The Hills]

Posted in North Americana, The Hills, WTF? on August 28, 2008 by jetsamjr

I realise that extensive Photoshopping is necessary in any photoshoot involving The Hills, since all the castmembers totally hate each other or whatever. But even so, there is some extensive Photoshopping going on here:

Is it just me, or has someone seriously gone to town on LC’s waist with the Liquefy tool? And while I know why Heidi doesn’t cast a shadow – you need a soul to do that – that doesn’t explain why Whitney has absolutely no shadow to speak of.


She earns how much?! [The Hills]

Posted in North Americana, The Hills, WTF? on August 26, 2008 by jetsamjr

Ever wondered how much you could earn if you turned your life into a vacuous but compellingly addictive reality show, which followed you as you a) went to glamorous parties, b) kvetched about your friends behind their backs on camera, or c) kissed your horrible, big-headed boyfriend?

Turns out that The Hills‘ LC earns a cool $75k per episode (that’s more than a million dollars every season), while Heidi and Spencer pull down $65k each. Terrifying. The rest of the casts’ depressingly sizeable salaries are here.