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Wil Anderson ignites Australia-New Zealand war [hee!]

Posted in ABC, Australiana, comedy, hee!, The Gruen Transfer on July 13, 2008 by jetsamjr

The ABC’s ultra-successful, Wil Anderson-hosted panel show The Gruen Transfer has sparked a minor-league furore with two spoof ads that urge Australia to invade its tiny neighbour New Zealand. Watch here:

LOL! Unfortunately some Kiwis are 100% humourless, with one angry blogger ranting that the segment is “an act of terrorism”. Aww, bless. Producer Andrew Denton has hinted that New Zealand will have its “revenge” in Gruen‘s season finale, which may leave us Aussies feeling a little “sheepish”. (Sorry for that one, but as an Australian I’m obliged to make a sheep joke upon every mention of New Zealand.)