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The cutest YouTube clip you will ever see [Sesame Street]

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Make sure you watch right till the very end:


Shut up, M. Night Shyamalan [WTF]

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M. Night, who’s directing the live-action adaptation of kids’ cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender, is suffering from the delusion that he is a highly regarded auteur:

“Your instinct is to distill me down into three characteristics: thrillers, scary, twist. Let’s just say, ‘Oh, that’s what he does’… Then when they come see Last Airbender – which has none of those three things in there – and yet, you’ll be able to tell in 30 seconds that I directed it.”

Why, because it will be laboured, pretentious and shitty?

He goes on at length about his artistic vision, but I had to stop reading because it was endangering my sanity and wellbeing.

[Via io9]

Nothing will ever top the greatness of ’80s cartoons [neat!]

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The SnorksPeople wonder why the youngest members of Generation Y and the tweens below them are such bratty dullards. Simple: it’s because their minds weren’t nurtured in the 1980s by an unprecedented wealth of quality cartoons. (Seriously: what do kids have nowadays? Bratz dolls and… I don’t know, Yu-Gi-Oh? Is that still cool?)

Mental_floss has a new quiz that tests your memories of these ’80s classics. I scored 10 out of 15 – my lack of knowledge about GI Joe let me down, I think. (PS, The Snorks was awesome.)

Cupcake Monster [Sesame Street]

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Nom nom nom:

Someone please make these for me.

[Image princess_of_llyr]

The Flight of the Jonas Brothers [news]

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If you’re an adult it’s possible that you don’t know or care who the Jonas Brothers are. But you should. Anyway, brothers Nick (the talented teenage one), Joe (the hot one) and Kevin (the ugly one) will star in a Flight of the Conchords-style comedy on the Disney Channel. That sounds awesome… except for the Disney Channel part.


Absorbant and yellow and porous is he [animation]

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Spongebob Squarepants still rates really, really well. You know it’s not just kids watching.

Spongebob Squarepants [feem-toon Friday]

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Okay, I admit it: this feem-toon is a little late. But it’s still Friday in some parts of the world, so…

Spongebob is awesome, you guys.