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Everybody hates beavers [ad]

Posted in ads, Australiana, news on January 4, 2009 by jetsamjr

This was Australia’s most complained-about ad in 2008:

How dare a commercial draw attention to the fact that women have vaginas (and that they menstruate! Gasp!)!


Oprah goes after Palin [Oprah]

Posted in news, North Americana, Oprah on December 7, 2008 by jetsamjr


Oprah, whom the Hollywood Reporter just declared the most powerful woman in the universe ever, is a magnificent bitch. And I say that as someone who loves and worships and fears her. (Don’t hurt me, Oprah!)

You may recall that before the US election there was a minor kerfuffle because Obama-loving Oprah declined to have Sarah Palin on her show. At the time O graciously said she would welcome Palin after the election, but now  that’s done it turns out Palin doesn’t want to be on the stupid show anyway. Sez Oprah:

“I said I would be happy to talk to Sarah Palin when the election was over… I went and tried to talk to Sarah Palin and instead she talked to Greta [Van Susteren]. She talked to Matt [Lauer]. She talked to Larry [King]. But she didn’t talk to me. But maybe she’ll talk to me now that she has a [multi-million dollar] book deal.”

Zing! PWN3D by Oprah… the worst kind of pwning.

I can’t believe Disney would ever allow such substandard merchandise [High School Musical]

Posted in High School Musical, North Americana, WTF? on December 1, 2008 by jetsamjr

Wow, this Zefron/Corbin Bleu hybrid of a kid does not look happy to be adorned in this ridiculous High School Musical costume (his expression indicates either unhappiness or flatulence/stupidity):

High School Musical

To be fair, I don’t blame him.

Everybody hates Rosie [news]

Posted in news, North Americana, other shows on November 30, 2008 by jetsamjr

Rosie O'DonnellWell, here’s a huge surprise: Rosie O’Donnell’s one-off variety special Rosie Live royally tanked, tying for the title of Wednesday evening’s least watched show.

I don’t mind Rosie, that occasionally endearing loudmouth, but come on: it was pretty obvious the entire time that resurrecting the prime-time variety show was doomed to miserable failure, especially one featuring the likes of Clay Aiken and Liza Minnelli.

The cutest YouTube clip you will ever see [Sesame Street]

Posted in hee!, kids' shows, North Americana, Sesame Street, video on November 27, 2008 by jetsamjr

Make sure you watch right till the very end:

Oprah’s dirt-cheap things [Oprah]

Posted in news, North Americana, Oprah on November 23, 2008 by jetsamjr

OprahMan, I’d be so pissed off if I were in the audience for Oprah’s Favourite Things this year and rocked up expecting to receive an extravagant haul of free stuff: this year, the talk-show queen’s gifts will all cost “next to nothing”.

Americans can’t afford sweater capes, saltwater taffy, Chinese checkers and the rest of the trendy junk that typically comprises the Favourite Things. Why? The economic crisis! This means that Oprah, whose personal worth sits at around $2.7 billion, is scaling down to things that regular folks can afford… including “a special gift that won’t cost you a thing”.

It better not be something crappy like love.

[Image Forbes]

Dumb-tini! [ads]

Posted in ads, video on November 22, 2008 by jetsamjr

This is simultaneously my new favourite and most loathed commercial:

It starts off fluffy and stupid, but by the time it reaches “Oops-tini!” it has achieved an unsurpassed level of sheer genius.