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“Girls, Lisa. Boys kiss girls.” [d&m]

Posted in d&m on June 9, 2008 by jetsamjr

Earlier this week AfterElton wondered whether TV has arrived at the point where men kissing men isn’t a big deal anymore. It’s still a bit of a deal – think of the fuss when Erik from Gossip Girl came out of the closet, and he didn’t even get any on-screen action – but nowadays the media’s fixation on gay kisses is more “ooh, saucy!” and less “won’t somebody please think of the children!”, I think.

In a decade gays and lezzers will be kissing on TV without anyone raising an eyebrow (and by “lezzers” I mean actual lesbians, not female characters in teen dramas who kiss one another for a cheap ratings boost), because this is how this sort of thing works. In 1968 it was a big deal for American TV when white Captain Kirk and black Uhura kissed in an episode of Star Trek; nowadays an interracial kiss is not sensational at all. The same will probably happen for the homos.

After the jump, a video of Kerr Smith woodenly, awkwardly and unromantically kissing some dude in an old episode of Dawson’s Creek. Continue reading


TV talk [d&m]

Posted in comedy, d&m, drama, Lost, North Americana on June 8, 2008 by jetsamjr

Five showrunners – including Lost‘s Damon Lindelof – swap stories about having the coolest jobs in the world in an entertaining interview about TV production. Perhaps most interesting are the five’s revelations about what they’re not allowed to show on TV.

[Link, via The Watcher]

Sexist and the City? [Sex and the City]

Posted in d&m, North Americana, Sex and the City on April 26, 2008 by jetsamjr

The Sydney Morning Herald poses the question: is Sex and the City feminist or the same old sexist “orgy of triviality and consumerism”?

It’s both, leaning towards the latter – and I say that as a big fan of the show. (Last night I caught a rerun of the episode where Harry asks Charlotte to marry him, and I cried. Actual misting up occurred. God, I’m a sap.)

On the feminist side: the gals are intelligent, independent, liberated, and the series never tut-tuts down its nose at all the sex they enjoy. On the sexist side: I know I wasn’t the only one disappointed when the series ended with the foursome all happily paired off with the men are their dreams – wouldn’t it have been a whole lot more satisfying if Carrie had realised Big had been dicking her around for six years, and told him to go jump? Why are the leading ladies so dependent on men to complete their stories?

I couldn’t help but wonder – is that sexist, or is it just good storytelling?


Gays on the box [d&m]

Posted in d&m on April 17, 2008 by jetsamjr

If you have an interest in homo issues and half an hour or so to spare, check out AfterElton’s recent series of articles about gays in prime time: part one analyses the ‘mo factor of various US networks, while the more fascinating part two quizzes gay showrunners on their experiences working with gay characters.

For example, when the super-cute Greg Berlanti (who now oversees Brothers & Sisters) worked on Dawson’s Creek in the ’90s, a standards and practices suit actually timed Jack’s famous gay kiss to make sure it didn’t last too long. I know, right? Other homo showrunners (or as I call them, ‘morunners) featured include Ugly Betty‘s Silvio Horta and Pushing Daisies‘ Bryan Fuller.

[Link here and here, via The Watcher]