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Ricki-Lee Marked for love [Australian Idol]

Posted in Australian Idol, Australiana, gossip, Ten on December 1, 2008 by jetsamjr

Australian Idol

Ricki-Lee, who divorced her husband of one year not long ago, is not dating Idol wannabe Mark Spano, according to her rep. “Ricki 4 Mark” is one of those rumours that I never heard of till someone denied it.

Besides, Australian Idol has been over for a week. Can’t we just forget about it already?


“Don’t you wanna BE” [Australian Idol]

Posted in Australian Idol, Australiana, Ten, video on November 20, 2008 by jetsamjr

Want to know what season three Idol wannabe Laura Gissara is up to nowadays? Apparently colouring her hair blonde and Photoshopping her cleavage into fleshy submission:

Laura Gissara

Those boobs… don’t look right? Do they?

For the record, here’s what Laura looked like during her stint on Idol:

Laura Gissara

And here’s how she sounded:

(That video will never get old.)

Blast from the past [Australian Idol]

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Cute! Australian Idol‘s Wes and So You Think You Can Dance‘s Rhys were childhood co-stars in their Johnny Young Talent School days:

Australian Idol

Perhaps this is the true Idol scandal of 2009: Ten is planting gifted kids in talent schools, then harvesting them years later to star in their reality shows! You heard it here first…

Season six finally beset by voting scandal [Australian Idol]

Posted in Australian Idol, Australiana, news, Ten on November 17, 2008 by jetsamjr

Australian Idol

It took till the penultimate episode, but this season of Australian Idol has finally been beset by a voting scandal… albeit not a very scandalous one:

The website of reality show Australian Idol misdirected fans to the wrong voting numbers last night, casting doubt over the validity of [the] final two verdict… but the spokeswoman insisted the error had not impacted [Monday’s] results show.

Yet on Sunday night, Idol‘s resident goons Andrew G and James Mathison insisted that the votes this year were tighter than ever. If that’s true, isn’t it reasonable to assume that every vote matters? Or could it be that – gasp! – Andrew and James were full of shit when they made their claim?

Personally, I’m shocked that people still vote for Idol. Didn’t everyone stop doing that in, like, 2005?

[Via TV Tonight]

Go away, gorilla [ads]

Posted in ads, Australian Idol, Australiana, Ten, video on November 16, 2008 by jetsamjr

I’m so sick of this ad playing during Australian Idol:

What do apes and Phil Collins have to do with chocolate, again? Honestly, I would like nothing more than to see this gorilla drummed out of television, nyuck nyuck nyuck.

White wash [Home & Away]

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Home & AwayHome & Away and its even-more-tedious cousin Neighbours have come under fire because their casts include too many nillas and not enough of the other races. The White Australia policy is back in vogue!:

University of Queensland Aboriginal studies lecturer Sam Watson said the dramas were operating an “exclusive white family club” that didn’t reflect Australia’s true demographic.

“The producers and directors of these shows are very sadly harking back to the White Australia policy of the ’40s and ’50s,” he said. “Instead of embracing the rich diversities of our country, they are shunning it.”

To be fair to both soaps, if you venture into a typical Australian beachside town or banal middle-class suburb there are a lot of crackers about.

Seriously, though: why does anyone expect anything of Home & Away and Neighbours, two shows that have rarely included any non-white, non-hetero, non-Christian, non-able-bodied characters who aren’t sensationalised stereotypes? Even if racially diverse characters were written into the show, they’d only be forced into tedious storylines about teen pregnancies and relationship angst and pranks gone awry anyway.

Ten is so boned [news]

Posted in Australiana, news, reality TV, Ten on November 10, 2008 by jetsamjr


Ten has revealed the program that will replace Big Brother in its viewer-shedding 7pm timeslot come 2009:

MasterChef Australia: Anticipated to be one of the biggest ‘event’ TV shows of 2009, as hundreds of hopefuls are set to turn out across the country with aspirations of becoming Australia’s first true MasterChef. Over 10 weeks every “Donna Hay” wannabe from amateur cook to budding foodies and even tuck-shop mums will be tossing their chef’s hat in the ring, each hoping to become Australia’s next super chef. A team of experts will lead our 16 hopefuls through their staggering challenges as they battle it out for the grandest prize of all…the title of MasterChef.

Oh… wow.