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America eyes Packed to the Rafters remake [news]

Posted in Australiana, Lost, news, North Americana, Packed to the Rafters, Seven on December 2, 2008 by jetsamjr

Packed to the Rafters

This is unexpected. Per Seven’s programming boss Tim Worner:

“[Packed to the Rafters] certainly already has some big name fans in Hollywood, including Damon Lindelhof [sic] and Carlton Cuse, the makers of Lost.”

Seems Cuse and “Lindelhof” (it’s called IMDb, Daily Telegraph. Please use it) are so keen on Packed to the Rafters that they might even remake it for US audiences. Because god forbid a foreign series actually air on US television. The horror!


Seven hates its fans [Packed to the Rafters]

Posted in Australiana, news, Packed to the Rafters, Seven, WTF? on December 1, 2008 by jetsamjr

Packed to the RaftersBecause Seven boneheadedly forgot to register, the domain name for the network’s hottest series of the year – an oversight I hope somebody was fired for, because seriously – an 18-year-old fanboy scooped it up for his own unofficial fansite. Perhaps consumed by hubris at their end-of-year ratings victory, Seven has now demanded he give the domain back.

Pfft. Seven should think about giving their top-rated series a decent official website before they go shutting down fansites run by kids who are intelligent enough to realise that people actually want to use the internet.

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Guess the gay [Packed to the Rafters]

Posted in Australiana, Packed to the Rafters, Seven, the gays on August 26, 2008 by jetsamjr

Blind item madness! One of my secret sources (ie, some guy I know) tells me that one of the male castmembers in Packed to the Rafters is gay. Try to guess which one!

Clue: he’s pictured here:

The triumphant return of the white middle-class [Packed to the Rafters]

Posted in Australiana, Packed to the Rafters, Seven on August 14, 2008 by jetsamjr

I don’t know about you guys, but I have sorely missed seeing white, middle-class people on television. Where else am I supposed to learn about the curious behaviour of this little-seen, ignored-by-mass-media section of society? Thankfully Seven is seeking to remedy this dire situation with its new series Packed to the Rafters, which premieres later this month and is about white, middle-class people.

I previewed the first episode this week, and: it’s good, even though it is a total clone of Seven’s axed dramedy Always Greener (which I also guiltily enjoyed). The tone is a little twee and self-consciously quirky, but not in a way that’s off-putting. Packed to the Rafters is an exception to the rule which dictates that any TV series with a pun in its title is dreadful schlock – it’s about a family called the Rafters, you see, and their house is packed… to the rafters! Hilarious!