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Dean Geyer leaves behind his good… [Neighbours]

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Dean Geyer has quit Neighbours:

Geyer, a committed Christian, also admitted he had struggled with some of the sexy storylines involving his character, Ramsay St rock and roller Ty Harper.

“In some instances my personal beliefs maybe were contradicting with what the character was doing,” he said.

“I am not saying I was forced to do anything, but looking at the character I don’t necessarily agree with everything he did.

It’s called acting, Geyer. But the former Idol says his decision to quit wasn’t motivated by Neighbours‘ tediously saucy storylines – it’s because he wants to record an album next year.


White wash [Home & Away]

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Home & AwayHome & Away and its even-more-tedious cousin Neighbours have come under fire because their casts include too many nillas and not enough of the other races. The White Australia policy is back in vogue!:

University of Queensland Aboriginal studies lecturer Sam Watson said the dramas were operating an “exclusive white family club” that didn’t reflect Australia’s true demographic.

“The producers and directors of these shows are very sadly harking back to the White Australia policy of the ’40s and ’50s,” he said. “Instead of embracing the rich diversities of our country, they are shunning it.”

To be fair to both soaps, if you venture into a typical Australian beachside town or banal middle-class suburb there are a lot of crackers about.

Seriously, though: why does anyone expect anything of Home & Away and Neighbours, two shows that have rarely included any non-white, non-hetero, non-Christian, non-able-bodied characters who aren’t sensationalised stereotypes? Even if racially diverse characters were written into the show, they’d only be forced into tedious storylines about teen pregnancies and relationship angst and pranks gone awry anyway.

Harold Bishop is a fat so-and-so [Neighbours]

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NeighboursFormer Neighbours star Ian Smith, who’s finally departed the tedious soap for good after “quitting” about 10 times, has revealed the years of abuse that he endured playing jowly fusspot Harold Bishop.

“You know it’s time to move on when you’re being hassled outside your home every night by drunk idiots screaming abuse… Every night at the same time they would drive up to my house and start revving their engines really loudly. I lost count of the times I was shouted at. They’d scream: ‘Harold you fat so and so’, but obviously their language was a lot stronger.”

I feel bad for Ian, who’s always made a point of differentiating himself from stodgy old Harold. But I’m not going to waste much sympathy on him, given that he refuses to rule out a return to Ramsay St. Jeez, if you’re going to quit, quit.

Deja vu [Neighbours]

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Harold Bishop is leaving Neighbours.

… again.

Isn’t this, like, the fifth time Ian Smith has quit Ramsay Street? Jeez – and I thought Kate Ritchie’s exit from Home & Away was drawn out.

Vince Colosimo loves good Neighbours [gossip]

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Underbelly‘s briefest guest star Vinco Colosimo is reportedly dating Neighbours actress Kym Valentine, news which prompts me to react with an Arrested Development-esque “her?”, but here’s the kicker: Vince’s ex-wife is Jane Hall, who’s Kym’s Neighbours co-star, and they’re all heading to the Logies next month. Awkward!

Jane and Kym actually look freakishly alike:

I guess we know Vince’s type.

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