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Katherine Heigl is a rich bitch [WTF?]

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Grey's Anatomy

One more reason to hate Katherine Heigl: she is filthy rich.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, K-Heig is the fifth highest paid actress in Hollywood. Not just the fifth highest paid actress on television, but the fifth highest paid actress of them all. What the fuck.


Diagnosis: stupid! [Grey’s Anatomy]

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Grey's Anatomy

Here’s an excerpt of my review of the very first episode of Grey’s Anatomy, which I wrote back in ’05:

Grey’s Anatomy suffers from being neither original nor interesting. The drama is riddled with cliches… There is little that viewers haven’t seen before, which hardly adds to its appeal… Grey’s Anatomy is another one of those dramas where the titular character is the most annoying part of the whole show.

At the time I predicted it would quickly sink, so of course I was roundly mocked when the series went on to become one of the biggest hits of the year.

Anyway, it turns out I was right about the show the whole time: it’s now being savaged by critics because of a stupid storyline wherein Katherine Heigl’s ghastly character Izzie is sleeping with her ex-lover Donny, who you may remember as the dude who died at the end of season one. She is sleeping with a dead man.

Disclaimer: I don’t watch Grey’s, but I can nevertheless assure you that is stoopid. Per this hilariously snarky clip from The Soup, a recent scene from the hospital soap actually included the lines: “I’m a dead man who loves you” and “You don’t get to apologise for dying”. Ugh!

Michael Ausiello sez that the whole sorry affair is, of course, Heigl’s fault. Remember when she bitched that the writers hadn’t give her any good material? The “ghost-fucker” storyline is their elaborate revenge. Those evil bastards!

L’homme le plus sexy au monde… huh?! [WTF?]

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Grey's Anatomy

AOL TV has declared that TV’s sexiest star of all time is… McDreamy?!

Really?! Of all time?! Really?!?!?!

The top 10 also includes Tom Selleck (snerk) and Mark Harmon (buh?!). Weird.


Storm in a lesbian teacup [Grey’s Anatomy]

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Grey's AnatomyI never thought Grey’s Anatomy would top the “Isaiah Washington calls T.R. Knight a faggot… twice” gay controversy, but they’re trying their darndest.

So here’s the deal: Dr Hahn (Brooke Smith, aka “the actress who spent most of The Silence of the Lambs at the bottom of a dirty hole) realises she’s a lesbian and gets it on with Dr Callie (who… what? Didn’t she used to be married to George? Who is gay in real life?! Confusing!). Bigots complain. Dr Hahn is swiftly dispatched from the series.

Shonda Rhimes reckons that Smith was fired because she and Sara Ramirez don’t share any “magic and chemistry”. (And don’t hold your breath for Callie to hook up with any other women any time soon.) But, coincidentally, Melissa George’s soon-to-be-introduced character, who was intended to be bisexual, will now be plain ol’ regular straight. How convenient.

Gross anatomy [Grey’s Anatomy]

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Click here is you want to see something gross (but also kind of hilarious!) from the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy (people still watch that show?).

Everybody hates Katherine [Grey’s Anatomy]

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The writers on Grey’s have concocted a devious scheme to get back at Katherine Heigl for publicly dissing them: give her character a fatal brain tumour. They’re such bitches… I love it. (Except for how that’s exactly the sort of melodramatic crap that could score her another Emmy. But whatever.)

But ABC prez Steven McPherson insists that Heigl isn’t going anywhere, and that Grey’s overlord Shonda Rhimes has crafted an “unbelievable” storyline especially for the actress. Er, I don’t think Steve’s twigged that “unbelievable storyline” = “brain tumour storyline”.

[Link, link, via TV Tattle]

Izzie fizzles [Grey’s Anatomy]

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Grey’s overlord Shonda Rhimes is “pissed” about what Katherine Heigl said about the writers, and “wants Izzie dead“. Dun dun!

Not that getting the boot would bother Heigl, who wants out of the hit show so she can concentrate on her movie career. At this juncture, I’d advise her to consider names like Chevy Chase. David Caruso. Shelley Long. Et cetera.