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Lucy Liu ditches Cashmere Mafia [news]

Posted in Cashmere Mafia, Futurama, news, North Americana on April 24, 2008 by jetsamjr

Cashmere Mafia is sooooo cancelled, you guys. I don’t know why no one’s made an official announcement about this yet, but I guess that’s why I’m a lowly TV blogger instead of a high-powered TV exec.

Anyway, Cashmere star Lucy Liu has reportedly ditched the show and started talks to join the cast of Dirty Sexy Money. Which I’ve never really watched, though I’ve had a soft spot for Lucy dating back to her Ally McBeal days even if she does play the same Bitchy Asian Lady in almost everything she does… except that time she guested in Futurama, when she played a bunch of deadly cyborg Lucy Liu clones. Awesome.



Cancelled? [Cashmere Mafia]

Posted in Cashmere Mafia, drama, Nine, North Americana on April 1, 2008 by jetsamjr
Cashmere Mafia

I’m not sure whether to chalk this one up to wilful deception or sheer naivety, but Nine’s promos for Wednesday’s double episode of Cashmere Mafia describe it as the “season finale”. This despite the fact that the show and its superficial, heartless Manhattanites have all but been cancelled – making it less of a “season finale” and more of a “series finale”.Maybe the promo is just wishful thinking. Either way: nice one, Nine.

The story behind Cashmere Mafia: it’s not technically a Sex and the City rip-off, because it was created by SatC mastermind Darren Star. But it is a rip-off of Lipstick Jungle, another high-powered-fashionistas-in-New-York series created by SatC scribe Candace Bushnell: rumour has it that she approached Starr about making a TV series out of her book Lipstick Jungle, but when he refused to pay her fairly for the idea she went solo. He supposedly retaliated by pressing ahead with Lipstick-clone Cashmere Mafia. Meow!

See, why don’t they make a TV series out of the behind-the-scenes drama, instead of silly twizz about lesbian dalliances and Lucy Liu’s hideous outfits?