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Shut up, you horrible little man [news]

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Have you ever seen Flipping Out? It’s a terrible reality show starring a horrible little man called Jeff Lewis, who goes around renovating houses and being awful to people.

Anyway, Lewis is involved with a legal stoush with Ugly Betty‘s Ashley Jensen, because he’s renovating the house next door to hers and she and her husband aren’t happy about it. Weirdly and obnoxiously, Lewis has released a deluded statement accusing Jensen of suing him purely to “increase [her] media exposure”. Because it’s totally plausible that the Emmy-nominated star of Extras and Ugly Betty would go after an attention-starved reality whore for publicity.

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Golden Globe nominations pretty much what you’d expect [awards]

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Mad Men

The Golden Globe nominations are out:

Best television series drama
In Treatment
Mad Men
True Blood

House, really? It seems so… out of place among the rest of the best drama nominees. Maybe the HFPA thought they needed to tap at least one drama on US network television. Meanwhile I love that True Blood scored a nomination – True Blood FTW! (I’d be rooting for Mad Men too, but it won this year.)

Best television musical or comedy
The Office
30 Rock

Out of all these comedies, I only watch 30 Rock regularly… so that’s what I’m backing. And I wish South Park had been included, because it’s been really awesome this last year. Also, I like Californication and all, but it does not belong in the “best comedy” category; it’s really about time that these awards committees added a “best dramedy” category for hybrids like this, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, etc.

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Grant Bowler could take an eye out with that thing [Ugly Betty]

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My friend Coby sent me this picture with the accompanying note: “Does anything stand out to you in this screengrab of Ugly Betty I took?” (Click to enlarge.)

Woah. Is that even legal?

Nikki Blonksy gets Ugly [Ugly Betty]

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(It is now standard media practice to use the headline “[Celebrity] gets Ugly” whenever a new guest-star signs on to Ugly Betty. Please make a note of it.)

Hairspray fattie Nikki Blonksy is joining the dramedy’s cast, playing “an assistant at competitive magazine Elle, who becomes friends with Mode girl Betty – but Blonsky’s character may have her own agenda”. Since Hairspray was my favourite movie of 2007, I hope that: Nikki fares better than Lindsay, and that she leaves her brawling family at home.

Bitchy America Ferrera is way more likeable than klutzy America Ferrera [hee!]

Posted in hee!, North Americana, Ugly Betty on August 19, 2008 by jetsamjr

This is what America Ferrera had to say about Ellen and Portia’s super-adorable weekend wedding:

“I’m just so happy that they get to love each other in such an official way.”

It’s like America is trying to imply that Ellen and Portia are uppity smug marrieds who think they’ve above mere unofficial love…. right? Or has the video that reveals America’s delightful contempt for Blake Lively simply caused me to read a bitchy tone into every innocent remark she makes?

Ugly Betty vs Gossip Girl [hee!]

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This is hilarious:

I almost don’t know whose side to take! (Just kidding – go America!)

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The gay elephant in the room [Ugly Betty]

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Ugly Betty‘s 14-year-old star Mark Indelicato is really really gay starting his owns jeans line! He’s also really really gay planning on releasing his own single!