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The real reason the greatest sitcom ever was cancelled [Arrested Development]

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David Cross reveals the truth:

A man with a good point who’s wearing an oversized comedy bra is still a man with a good point.


Michael Cera must die [Arrested Development]

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Arrested Development

Good news: the Arrested Development cast is super-excited about shooting the long-awaited movie next year. Yay! Bad news: one unnamed castmember isn’t interested. But it’s obviously Michael Cera, who already said he didn’t want to do the movie.

Gah. Cera has basically played George Michael Bluth in all his subsequent films anyway, so I don’t see what the problem is – at least if he signs on to the AD movie no one will be able to accuse him of only being able to play the same character, since he will literally be playing the same character.

Anyway, the movie will go on with or without Cera.

Arrested Development [feem-toon Friday]

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Can the Arrested Development movie please come out, like, tomorrow?

A movie development [Arrested Development]

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Jessica Walter might be starring in the soon-to-premiere 90210, but her most exciting project is undoubtedly the Arrested Development movie – which she says will shoot next year, when it suits the cast’s action-packed schedules.

This is already my favourite movie ever, seriously.

Gangy moves to Beverly Hills [90210]

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The 90210 remake just doubled its awesomeness.

Jessica Walter, best known for playing sozzled family matriarch Lucille Bluth in Arrested Development, has signed on to play sozzled family matriarch Tabitha Mills in 90210 2.0. If you’ve never seen Arrested Development, let me tell you: this is a role Jessica Walters plays to perfection.

(Actually, if you haven’t seen Arrested Development… what are you still doing reading this blog? Go buy the DVDs and then watch them repeatedly, stupid.)

Ol’ Tabby is a washed-up, faded Hollywood superstar who’s grandma to Annie and Dixon, the spin-off’s Brenda and Brandon equivalents. The CW is rushing the remake to TV later this year, and it’s starting to look like it might be awesome.


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Mitch Hurwitz has good news and bad news [Arrested Development]

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The good news: Mitch Hurwitz has recruited Arrested Development alumni Jason Bateman, Henry Winkler and Will Arnett to lend their voices to his upcoming animated sitcom, Sit Down, Shut Up. This would be great news even if Will Arnett didn‘t have such a sexy voice.

The bad news: Sit Down, Shut Up is based on a short-lived Australian sitcom that could kindly be described as “a gaping suckhole of poo“. If you don’t remember it, you are one of the lucky ones.

The good news about this news: Well, if anyone can overhaul a failed Aussie series, it’s Mitch Hurwitz and his Arrested Development friends. My feelings about this hover somewhere around “Cautious Optimism”.