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Jon Hamm hams it up [30 Rock]

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A sneak peek at Jon Hamm in 30 Rock, playing Liz’s new love interest (hopefully he won’t turn out to be her long-lost cousin):

He handsome.


Golden Globe nominations pretty much what you’d expect [awards]

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Mad Men

The Golden Globe nominations are out:

Best television series drama
In Treatment
Mad Men
True Blood

House, really? It seems so… out of place among the rest of the best drama nominees. Maybe the HFPA thought they needed to tap at least one drama on US network television. Meanwhile I love that True Blood scored a nomination – True Blood FTW! (I’d be rooting for Mad Men too, but it won this year.)

Best television musical or comedy
The Office
30 Rock

Out of all these comedies, I only watch 30 Rock regularly… so that’s what I’m backing. And I wish South Park had been included, because it’s been really awesome this last year. Also, I like Californication and all, but it does not belong in the “best comedy” category; it’s really about time that these awards committees added a “best dramedy” category for hybrids like this, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, etc.

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Why Tina Fey is awesome [neat!]

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Don’t you just want to be pals with Tina, so you can sit down and shoot the shit like this?:

[Via TV Tattle]

Emmy winners, unite! [30 Rock]

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Mad MenI knew that the debonair Jon Hamm was due for a guest-stint on 30 Rock, but what I didn’t know was that he’ll be sticking around for at least three episodes (and maybe more!), playing Liz Lemon’s love interest. Sexy!

So does this mean we can expect to see Tina Fey on Mad Men…?

Tina Fey’s daggy years: exposed! [30 Rock]

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Ha ha ha:

30 Rock

Hee hee hee:

30 Rock

[Images Unstirred, Dorothy Surrenders, via Jezebel]

Some folks love Tina Fey… some folks don’t [30 Rock]

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30 Rock

The New Yorker hates 30 Rock (but adores Alec Baldwin), variously describing the Emmy Award-winning show as “fair”, “not-so-great”, and “irritating”. How dare writer Nancy Franklin say such terrible things about one of my favourite shows! (Though she’s spot-on about this season’s guest-star bloat, ugh.)

On the plus side, Vanity Fair adores Tina Fey, giving her a lavish Annie Leibovitz cover and a thorough profile that reveals an exacting, deliciously mean edge to her cheerful-seeming personality. If you love Tina, read it – she talks about being an ex-fattie! And the horrible secret behind the scar on her cheek (which I have honestly never, ever noticed).

[Image Vanity Fair]

“No, grandma, no!” [30 Rock – Believe in the Stars]

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30 Rock

This show is madcap.

It is also awesome. Because it has Oprah.