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Billy West is our lord and master [Futurama]

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Good news, everyone [Futurama]

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FuturamaThe last Futurama straight-to-DVD movie is being prepped for release, but it might not be the end of the series: executive producer David X. Cohen reckons that there could be more DVD movies, or even another actual TV season of the show.

I don’t think the new Futurama has, in general, been as good as the old Futurama. Nevertheless: it’d be neat if the show came back.

Everybody loves Hypnotoad [Futurama]

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All glory to the Hypnotoad.

[Via kottke]

They weren’t kidding about the fantasy [Futurama]

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io9 has posted the Bender’s Game trailer, and it looks like David X. Cohen wasn’t kidding when he said the straight-to-DVD movie would go heavy on the fantasy. Leela’s a freakin’ centaur!


Now with 100% more fantasy [Futurama]

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Now that The Beast With a Billion Backs has been and gone there’s the next straight-to-DVD Futurama instalment to look forward to: Bender’s Game, which replaces the show’s usual science-fiction with straight-up fantasy. I… have a hard time wrapping my head around that concept.

Executive producer David X. Cohen told Sci Fi Wire that the movie is set in an “alternate universe” with “fantasy versions of all [the] characters”… though I’m not sure if that means it’ll star alternate versions of the Planet Express crew, or if the Planet Express crew as we know them will be transplanted into a parallel fantasy world.


Hypothetically awesome [Futurama]

Posted in Futurama, North Americana on June 15, 2008 by jetsamjr

So if I had hypothetically downloaded an illegal copy of The Beast With a Billion Backs, and I had hypothetically watched it, then hypothetically, I might write something like this:

It’s a lot of fun, mostly because it’s still a novelty to see new Futurama material. The plot is silly and dense and satisfyingly funny, but as usual the best bit is the richness of what’s in the background. Not only is every scene crammed with hidden jokes (keep an eye out for my favourite, an arcade game called Miss Marple Madness), familiar faces from the TV series and subtle callbacks to past episodes, but the look of it, the loving detail of it all, is simply astonishing. Futurama is a series made by geeky fanboys, and it shows.

… is what I would hypothetically say.

Where’s Wally? [Futurama]

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This is billed as a picture of Futurama‘s entire cast, which… it isn’t. (I can’t even find Universe A Fry and Leela, for starters And what of Flexo?!) Still, it’s fun to see how many characters you can name… or even recognise. Click for the full version: