Bad news, everybody! [The Simpsons]

You guys, I have some terrible news: after 20 years, The Simpsons has a new opening credits sequence:

Eeeewww it’s all new and different and I hate it. This is worse than the time that… um, it’s worse than the time that… well, it’s not worse than any other times, because this is the worst thing that’s ever happened!

Hate to say this, but: time to kill it, Groening.

[Via Eye on Springfield]


9 Responses to “Bad news, everybody! [The Simpsons]”

  1. At two minutes, I somehow doubt this would be a permanent thing, looks more like a promo.

  2. Awww, I like it! I retains the important elements of the original, while providing a new spin.

    I agree with WT that they’ll probably cut out everything from the bit where they enter the house onwards in the real deal.

  3. It was time to kill it a LONG time ago.

  4. I don’t really like the first 10-15 seconds… it’s a bit oddly paced; doesn’t have the pizzazz of the original. But generally it’s fine – it was definitely time to upgrade the quality of animation.

    And hee at Homer getting hit by the car in the garage.

  5. Lame pun: Groening has us all groaning.

  6. Like the show itself for most of the 21st century, it’s very busy and overdoes an initially funny concept – and yet, at its worst it’s still not that bad.

  7. Yeah, admittedly, it’s not actually that bad, really. But the show still needs to die – the new eps are generally horrendously unfunny.

  8. It managed to both bore and infuriate me. Particularly the fact that characters made way too many noises during the credits.

    I guess I’m a purist… keep it simple.

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