I’m not looking forward to the retro ’80s fashions this spin-off will inevitably reintroduce to society [Gossip Girl]

Gossip GirlI’ve never really been into the idea of a Gossip Girl spin-off. Now that said spin-off is more or less a certainty, I’m… not particularly enthused. Isn’t one ridiculous teen drama with lots of melodrama and sex enough?

But. If The CW is going to force Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage into doing a spin-off, and if the spin-off must be about Lily (yawn) and Rufus (yawner), then they could do a lot worse than the 1980s-flashback idea they’ve come up with:

the spinoff will center on young Lily Rhodes (her maiden name) who, after a falling out with her parents, is forced to move in with her sister, the black sheep of the Rhodes family. Overnight, Lily has to transition from a life of luxury and education at a wealthy Montecito boarding school to living deep in the San Fernando Valley she once made fun of and going to public school. Caught between two worlds, Lily dives into the fast-paced Sunset Strip and the Hollywood lifestyle of the ’80s, journeying over the hill to a world of wealth and excess that used to be her own.

Eventually, she meets rocker Rufus Humphrey (played on “Gossip” by Matthew Settle) for a fling that will result in Lily’s secret pregnancy, but “that wouldn’t be for quite a while in the run of the show,” Schwartz said.

That actually sounds kind of interesting! Maybe Young Lily (or whatever its title turns out to be) will turn out to have the same nuance and attention to period details as Mad Men. (Ha ha ha!)


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