Surprise, surprise: crappy commercial network dumps actual good show [Gossip Girl]

Gossip Girl

I hope you weren’t enjoying watching Gossip Girl on Channel Nine or anything, because the network has gone and pulled the cult teen drama from their schedule, effective immediately.

To be fair, relatively few people were watching the series on free-to-air TV… which may have something to do with the fact that it aired at 10.30pm. And that all the episodes were more than a year old. Well played, Nine.


6 Responses to “Surprise, surprise: crappy commercial network dumps actual good show [Gossip Girl]”

  1. Let’s hope it’s a repeat of the O.C. situation, meaning it will show up on Channel 10 in a while with a DECENT timeslot and actual appealing advertising.

  2. Can’t say I’ve ever really gotten this show. Watched the first episode and felt so embarrassed I couldn’t stand to watch any more.

  3. Jesus Fucking Christ, Channel 9.

    You’re as big as cunt as ever!

    I wondered why my PVR taped a 2nd episode of ER – I thought I had shifted into some time warp – I know I clearly seen Gossip Girl listed on the Channel Guide!

    I also hoped that it was just a glitch in the guide and maybe the show hadn’t been returned after a mini “xmas break”!

    I hope all of Ch 9’s management is blessed with a deadly Cancer this year!!

  4. Nine stuffed this one up well and truly, didn’t they!

    This was never going to work on Nine unless they backed it with a solid marketing campaign to directed at younger Ten and Seven audiences. And a decent time slot would probably help!

    Oh well, back to watching it on FOX8 who are miles ahead of Nine (but still almost a season behind the States).

  5. Orqq, just buy the DVDs.

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