11th Doctor = this guy [Doctor Who]

So I arise this morning to discover that this fellow will be the 11th Doctor:

Doctor Who

His name is Matt Smith, and he’s 26. (26!!! That’s nearly my age several years older than I am!) I love that he’s so young – won’t that be interesting? He is also good-looking, which helps. But I’m no fan of his unruly Robert-Pattinson-in-Twilight-hair, or his strange are-those-prosthetics-or-what pointy elf ears.

Anyway, Matt won’t appear as the Doctor until, like, 2023 (actually it’s 2010), so don’t get too excited about seeing him just yet.

PS, during my summer staycation I watched the utterly enjoyable The Next Doctor. I am really really going to miss David Tennant when he leaves. Matt Smith, big shoes, etc.


One Response to “11th Doctor = this guy [Doctor Who]”

  1. Are you sure this is Matt Smith, TV Junior? It looks like Cate Blanchett to me.

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