I bet there will be a soccer challenge [Survivor]

Jeff Probst has apparently confirmed that the next season of Survivor (the 18th) will be set in Brazil, the second time the series has dropped into the South American country – the sixth cycle, Survivor: Amazon, was set there in 2003.

(I agree with the TV Squad writer who wants to see Survivor set in a cold country… but only because, as an entertainment writer, I’m a total whore for bad puns, and there would be ample opportunities to make all kinds of “ice to see you”-type gags.)


2 Responses to “I bet there will be a soccer challenge [Survivor]”

  1. I’ll be glad when the current series is over. It just leaves such a bad taste in the mouth. I genuinely don’t want any of them to win.

  2. Pondie84 are you serious fans v favourites was the best Survivor ever. Or a you downloading Survivor Gabon?

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