TV’s least glamorous spin-off [Gossip Girl]

Remember how before the Gossip Girl mobisodes were about Dorota, they were about Young Rufus and Lily in Love? And remember how I was chuffed that YR&LiL had seemingly been rejected, because why do any sort of series about a boring couple no one cares about?

Well now it turns out that the real reason that idea wasn’t used for the mobisodes is because it will likely be used for the forthcoming Gossip Girl spin-off. To put that another way, the spin-off will be about Rufus and Lily’s rockin’, ill-fated ’90s romance. (Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle would not play the roles, der.)

Snooze. I hate this.

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One Response to “TV’s least glamorous spin-off [Gossip Girl]”

  1. The thing that annoys me about that is, what, are we supposed to enjoy a show that we know is going to end with the happy couple breaking up and not talking for years afterwards?

    Knowing the ending sucks.

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