Paula Abdul is annoyed, hypocritical [American Idol]

American IdolPaula Abdul is pissed off that American Idol producers taunted her now-dead stalker when she auditioned for the show in 2005:

“I said this girl is a stalker of mine and please do not let her in,” Abdul said during an interview with Barbara Walters on her Sirius XM radio show…. Abdul said Idol producers ignored her protests and brought Goodspeed on the show “for entertainment value”. “It’s fun for them to cause me stress,” Abdul said. “This was something that would make good television.”

Paula was so offended that she refused to be involved in her stalker’s audition in any way. Except for the part where she was. But the incident disturbed her so deeply that, shortly after it occurred, she quit the show. Except for the part where she didn’t. But her stalker’s recent suicide finally compelled Paula to walk away from the show for good. Except for the part where she hasn’t:

When Walters asked why Abdul remains on a show that put her in peril, Abdul replied: “I’m under contract.”

Oh, okay.


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