TV’s most glamorous, oversexed spin-off [Gossip Girl]

Gossip Girl

Earlier in the year The CW said they were spinning off Gossip Girl. Then they said they weren’t. Now network president Dawn Ostroff says they’re thinking about diluting their strongest brand again:

“Nothing really tangible yet, but we’re talking about it… If it’s the right idea, we’d all embrace it and be enthusiastic. But nobody more than Josh [Schwartz] and Stephanie [Savage] want to make sure there’s the right idea that they can wrap their arms around and really be excited about.”

Meh. Isn’t it enough that The CW already has Gossip Girl and 90210 and Privileged? Do we really need Gossip Girl II: The Gossip Girlening, too?

Meanwhile, the super-lucky kids at New York mag got to meet with Josh and Stephanie, who revealed a few tidbits about future plots. (Georgina might be back!) Lucky!

Also, I spent a good chunk of last week creating this gallery of the fashion of Gossip Girl. I went to university to learn how to do that!


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