Some folks love Tina Fey… some folks don’t [30 Rock]

30 Rock

The New Yorker hates 30 Rock (but adores Alec Baldwin), variously describing the Emmy Award-winning show as “fair”, “not-so-great”, and “irritating”. How dare writer Nancy Franklin say such terrible things about one of my favourite shows! (Though she’s spot-on about this season’s guest-star bloat, ugh.)

On the plus side, Vanity Fair adores Tina Fey, giving her a lavish Annie Leibovitz cover and a thorough profile that reveals an exacting, deliciously mean edge to her cheerful-seeming personality. If you love Tina, read it – she talks about being an ex-fattie! And the horrible secret behind the scar on her cheek (which I have honestly never, ever noticed).

[Image Vanity Fair]


7 Responses to “Some folks love Tina Fey… some folks don’t [30 Rock]”

  1. You’ve never noticed her scar? For real?

  2. I hear you on the guest stars. Jannifer Anniston was by far the worst.

  3. She was ruthless pwning Hilton. Who deserved every bit of it, don’t get me wrong, but yeah – the girl gives good bitch when required.

  4. I think Tina pwns those who deserve it – so Paris was slaughtered, whereas she refrained from snarking on Lindsay during her Troubles.

    And re: the scar… I never ever notice it unless I’m looking out for it! I forget it’s there.

  5. Lol @ capital T for Troubles – because LiLo’s situation is very comparable to the extended period of civil unrest in Northern Ireland 😛

  6. I have the biggest girl crush on Tina Fey.

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