America eyes Packed to the Rafters remake [news]

Packed to the Rafters

This is unexpected. Per Seven’s programming boss Tim Worner:

“[Packed to the Rafters] certainly already has some big name fans in Hollywood, including Damon Lindelhof [sic] and Carlton Cuse, the makers of Lost.”

Seems Cuse and “Lindelhof” (it’s called IMDb, Daily Telegraph. Please use it) are so keen on Packed to the Rafters that they might even remake it for US audiences. Because god forbid a foreign series actually air on US television. The horror!


3 Responses to “America eyes Packed to the Rafters remake [news]”

  1. Fuckers. I dread to think what they will do to it.

  2. Is the orginal show supposed to be funny? I have never watched it and wikipedia says drama/comedy. I’ll probably watch anything Cuse or Lindelof endorse (I’m a slightly rabid Lost fan).
    – izi

  3. Which one is the gay one again? Ranga?

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