Seven hates its fans [Packed to the Rafters]

Packed to the RaftersBecause Seven boneheadedly forgot to register, the domain name for the network’s hottest series of the year – an oversight I hope somebody was fired for, because seriously – an 18-year-old fanboy scooped it up for his own unofficial fansite. Perhaps consumed by hubris at their end-of-year ratings victory, Seven has now demanded he give the domain back.

Pfft. Seven should think about giving their top-rated series a decent official website before they go shutting down fansites run by kids who are intelligent enough to realise that people actually want to use the internet.

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2 Responses to “Seven hates its fans [Packed to the Rafters]”

  1. They can do the right thing and offer to pay the kid for the domain, rather than have a strop about it. Jesus.

  2. I believe they did pay the kid back for his admin costs. But still… what a bunch of dummies.

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