Molls at 20,000 feet [Ladette to Lady]

Ladette to Lady

The upcoming Australian version of Ladette to Lady promises to be a trashy moll-fest, if the contestants’ appalling behaviour on their international flight to Eggleston Hall is any indication:

The eight Australian women, on an Emirates airlines flight to Britain to film the series, shocked and intimidated other passengers – including elderly travellers and those with young children – by swearing and telling obscene stories.

Their behaviour was so outrageous cabin crew had to officially warn them.

One fellow passenger was reportedly so affronted by the girls’ behaviour that she burst into tears. Goodness me!


2 Responses to “Molls at 20,000 feet [Ladette to Lady]”

  1. Sounds like a made up press release to try and stir up interest in the show to me. Is this just Australian Princess 3?

  2. I agree regarding Channel 9 publicity leaking this story. Though LOL at the use of the word moll haven’t heard that for awhile. Very Puberty Blues.

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