When will they make a Count Duckula movie? [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]

TwilightI went to see Twilight today. Surprisingly, I didn’t think it sucked (pun intended) – which is weird, considering that the book series on which the movies is based is execrebly awful. Seriously, don’t read them.

Anyway. Some folks are wondering whether Twilight‘s runaway success might push along the long-hoped-for Buffy movie*. And when I say “some folks” I mean “the geeks at io9 who aren’t exactly objective about the whole thing”. But still: Buffy movie, neat! (SMG will never go for it, but it’s not like the role hasn’t been recast before, right?)

*Yes – I realise there has already been a Buffy movie. You know what I mean.


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