That didn’t suck [True Blood – You’ll Be The Death Of Me]

True Blood

The True Blood finale was not the best episode of the first season – some of it felt a little abrupt and weirdly rushed. But. It was still pretty awesome, you guys!

True Blood

So Rene is indeed the killer – how ’bout that. I gotta admit: I didn’t pick it (my money was on Hoyt, who I theorised was driven to kill by latent Mother Issues). Funniest part of the climactic revelation: Arlene discovering Rene’s stash of vamper porn and his How To Talk Cajun tape. Hee.

True Blood

Speaking of Arlene, she’s one of the few problems I had with the finale. Seriously: she discovers her husband-to-be is a twisted psycho, then later the same day she’s crackin’ wise about getting Sookie to read her next boyfriend’s mind? Then two weeks later, she’s flirting with Terry down at Sam’s? Wha? I know Arlene has been married like a billion times, so Rene probably isn’t the first of her partners to harbour a terrible secret, but still. Shouldn’t she be horribly traumatised that this happened?:

True Blood

(Also, did anyone else have no idea that Terry the disturbed Iraq war veteran is meant to be Andy’s son?) (Also, it was sweet when Sookie called Andy Detective Bellefleur – nice callback to the first episode.)

I hope you like your Bill served extra toasty:

True Blood

Ouch. I sort of expected him to take longer to heal, or at least to have some burn scars or something, but I guess the powers of vampers are strange and mysterious. And having to look after that annoying vampire he made seems like it’s going to be punishment enough.

Of course Jason is a vampire-hating fundamentalist now:

True Blood

If this happened to any other character I would call shenanigans, but Jason is exactly stupid enough to fall for this kind of shit.

And what is going on with this?:

True Blood

Oooooh there’s some fucked-up shit going on here – I don’t know what fucked-up shit Maryann is pulling on Tara, but I don’t like it. The fact that she not only knows Sam but clearly scares the shit out of him spells bad news.

And Lafayette is totally dead:

True Blood



4 Responses to “That didn’t suck [True Blood – You’ll Be The Death Of Me]”

  1. AWESOME finale. My theory: Maryann (as the pig) killed Lafayette. The way the camera moved towards him low to the ground – and slower than a vampire in flight – and then he jumped up on the garbage bin – seems more pig attack than vampire to me. Her motive? Not sure. But it could have something to do with her trying to purify Tara’s life.

    Sam’s huge stash of money obviously has something to do with his past with Maryann.

    LOVE Arlene though. Especially the way she tried to hand Sookie the flowers.

    Side note: I think this is the first episode where Jason kept his clothes on.

    Final note: Can’t believe Lafayette’s dead. He was a great character. Sad 😦

  2. Yeah that finale was pretty good. Rene got done good too. Can’t wait to see what other parts of the story open up…too bad its next year. That is going to feel like forever, might pick up the book or something.

  3. I liked the whole season. I’ve not read the books but from what I understand the show doesn’t follow it exactly. It is true that Lafayette dies in the begining of the second book but he was also more of a minor player in the books than he turned out to be in the show. I hope they don’t kill Lafayette in the show, he’d make a great vampire. with his wit and cleverness, and his underlying edgeiness, he would make a good counter balance to Jason’s new found antivampirism. It’s my hope that the body in the car belongs to Tara’s mother.

    • Actually I hadn’t considered that – I wouldn’t have any problems with her dying (her character is awesomely hypocritically bitchy though…). But the dead body was wearing toenail polish, which doesn’t seem like the sort of thing worn by a devout fundie like Mrs Tara.

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