Leighton Meester’s legs deemed too ugly to go un-Photoshopped [Gossip Girl]

Spot the difference between these two otherwise-identical Gossip Girl publicity shots:

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

Why have Leighton Meester’s legs been so heavily Photoshopped? Are the pins in the first photo (which I think are her real, original legs) too white? The pins in the second too drably posed? Puzzle over higher-res shots of Blair Waldorf’s legs, after the jump!

Gossip Girl


5 Responses to “Leighton Meester’s legs deemed too ugly to go un-Photoshopped [Gossip Girl]”

  1. They look like a completely different set of legs, her knee caps are different AND she’s wearing heels. Not to mention the width between her feet in both photos.

  2. The Photoshopped set look hideous!

    I could’ve done a better job in Paint.

  3. I recon it’s the other way around. The darker legs look like her real ones. The lack of proper shading at the top of white legs gives it away. They probably changed it because of the frumpy-grandma-style pose, and the fact that she would have been the only girl with stockings on. But I agree. Crap Photoshop effort.

  4. ..has anyone else noticed that in the second pic, they’ve reversed her legs..? if you look at her shoes, it looks like her left and right legs have been switched – the shape of her feet are backwards and point the wrong way.

  5. Yes, her feet DO look backwards!

    This is so weird.

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