This episode deserves an Emmy [Survivor – Nothing Tastes Better Than Five Hundred Dollars]


OMJ (the “J” is for “Jeff Probst”): I never thought Survivor would top the tribal council where Probst contemptuously threw the fake immunity idol into the fire. But I was wrong. This week’s tribal council was a billion times better than that.I love that the last third of the episode was basically devoted to making Randy look like a huge, douchey buffoon: usually the editors do their best to obscure the identity of the eliminee, even when it’s completely obvious who’s going, but this episode they just went all out setting Randy up for a giant, hilarious fall.

I hate all these awful people, I hate the way they’re playing the game, and I especially hate their stupid tribe name “Nobag”. But Randy’s elimination was so smugly satisfying that I’m willing to give them a free pass this week.

Meanwhile, please let it be revealed at the finale that Marcus and Charlie are a couple:




2 Responses to “This episode deserves an Emmy [Survivor – Nothing Tastes Better Than Five Hundred Dollars]”

  1. Thank God he is gone!!! He is such a terrible person and just real pig!! It was a great tribal council!!! People making fake idols have really made the outcomes of tribal alot funnier to watch. And Crystal yelling her vote was priceless

  2. Yeah, very funny. Randy also said that after he was voted out Sugar rolled around on the ground laughing until he’d walked off the TC set.

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