Shannan Ponton might just be… [The Biggest Loser]

The Biggest LoserShannon Ponton’s possibly bitter ex-girlfriend Jaime Wright claims that she split up with The Biggest Loser‘s loveable boofhead because he verbally abused her, and she feared he’d become violent. Dun dun!

Ponton and Wright – who inexplicably refers to as one of Sydney’s “it” couples, really?! – recently ended their six-month relationship, after Ponton allegedly became abusive during a trip to Bali. Says Wright:

“Pathetic bitch’ was his favourite thing to call me… He would be very aggressive, in my face and screaming, telling me I was a liar and a nobody with no friends. He told me everyone liked him because he is a TV star.”

Too many roids, maybe?


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