Oprah’s dirt-cheap things [Oprah]

OprahMan, I’d be so pissed off if I were in the audience for Oprah’s Favourite Things this year and rocked up expecting to receive an extravagant haul of free stuff: this year, the talk-show queen’s gifts will all cost “next to nothing”.

Americans can’t afford sweater capes, saltwater taffy, Chinese checkers and the rest of the trendy junk that typically comprises the Favourite Things. Why? The economic crisis! This means that Oprah, whose personal worth sits at around $2.7 billion, is scaling down to things that regular folks can afford… including “a special gift that won’t cost you a thing”.

It better not be something crappy like love.

[Image Forbes]


3 Responses to “Oprah’s dirt-cheap things [Oprah]”

  1. It’ll probably be that Free Hug guy.

  2. Oh, gross, it will too – I forgot Oprah loves him.

  3. YOU get a box of toothpicks! YOU get a box of toothpicks!

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