Dean Geyer leaves behind his good… [Neighbours]


Dean Geyer has quit Neighbours:

Geyer, a committed Christian, also admitted he had struggled with some of the sexy storylines involving his character, Ramsay St rock and roller Ty Harper.

“In some instances my personal beliefs maybe were contradicting with what the character was doing,” he said.

“I am not saying I was forced to do anything, but looking at the character I don’t necessarily agree with everything he did.

It’s called acting, Geyer. But the former Idol says his decision to quit wasn’t motivated by Neighbours‘ tediously saucy storylines – it’s because he wants to record an album next year.


2 Responses to “Dean Geyer leaves behind his good… [Neighbours]”

  1. Oh diddums. His fundie mate O’Connor managed it for three years. Did he honestly think he was meant to go into it as anything other than filling the established role of ex-Idol Christian bod candy for us all to perve/laugh at as he would bang on about his love for JC while the Gaybores writers recycled situations to get him unclothed as frequently as possible?

    Plus, you know, he looks like a woman.

  2. He also looks like one of those Alaskan wolfhound dogs – it’s the eyes.

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