“Trimmed trees! The skinner’s been here!” [Dexter – The Damage a Man Can Do]


… is the worst line I have ever heard in any episode of Dexter, ever. Since when do the characters on this show need to speak out loud for the benefit of dumb viewers?I’m kind of disappointed by this season of Dexter. This week’s episode continued that trend – the only truly compelling scene came when Miguel and Dex teamed up to murder the fat dude, and the plot took a long time to get to that point, and, I think the show is entering a weird place where it’s presenting Dexter’s homicidal hobby as an almost normal secret instead of dangerous vigilante justice. There’s a weird vibe to the killing scenes this year, or at least weird in a different way to previous seasons.

Meanwhile, I’m not overly invested in any of the subplots – Deb and Quinn, Deb and Anton (who isn’t dead, because surely Deb’s love-life won’t be completely ruined again), LaGuerta and Ellen, Rita and her completely hackneyed pregnancy hormones, Rita and her complete lack of backbone this season… nothing is really grabbing me. Am I being too harsh?


2 Responses to ““Trimmed trees! The skinner’s been here!” [Dexter – The Damage a Man Can Do]”

  1. Well it’s true it’s not as good as it was in season 1 (and to a lesser extent season 2) but it’s still a better than average show.

    The worst sub-plot was the one earlier in the season with Masuka’s paper (the one that noone read). The euthanasia sub-plot was kind of nice though.

    I find the overall plot of the season though, a little hard to swallow.

  2. True, I did like the key-lime pie plot (even though I’m struggling to decide where it fits into the overall arc of the season).

    Basically, I’m worried about seasons four and five… I wonder if the premise of the show has already been stretched too far.

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