Season six finally beset by voting scandal [Australian Idol]

Australian Idol

It took till the penultimate episode, but this season of Australian Idol has finally been beset by a voting scandal… albeit not a very scandalous one:

The website of reality show Australian Idol misdirected fans to the wrong voting numbers last night, casting doubt over the validity of [the] final two verdict… but the spokeswoman insisted the error had not impacted [Monday’s] results show.

Yet on Sunday night, Idol‘s resident goons Andrew G and James Mathison insisted that the votes this year were tighter than ever. If that’s true, isn’t it reasonable to assume that every vote matters? Or could it be that – gasp! – Andrew and James were full of shit when they made their claim?

Personally, I’m shocked that people still vote for Idol. Didn’t everyone stop doing that in, like, 2005?

[Via TV Tonight]


One Response to “Season six finally beset by voting scandal [Australian Idol]”

  1. Another voting scandal. Maybe Brooke Adamo and Mark Spano can take out a class action against Fremantle Media!

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