The boneheads’ victory [Survivor – The Brains Behind Everything]


Man, this season of Survivor is starting to suck. (Except for Corinne and Matty’s varying reactions to Marcus’s elimination. They were hilarious.)

The problem: I kind of hate everyone left in the game – at the top of the episode I realised that one of the only people left who I can tolerate is Charlie, so of course the boneheads in the horribly named Nobag tribe would go and snuff his torch.

(And seriously: Nobag? That’s the name they decide to give their merged tribe? Are you effing kidding me?!)

Bob and Sugar I don’t mind, even if the former is a little beige and the latter wanders into Insufferable Stupidity a little more than I like.

Susie is a moron, albeit a lucky one; and Corinne I could like, if it wasn’t for her tendency to morph into Psycho Bitch Poor Man’s Jerry Manthey at key points during every episode.

I guess I don’t mind Crystal, but I’m looking forward to the episode where Matty‘s boorish smirk is removed from the game,

Kenny urgently needs to be brought down a peg – he also needs to quit talking about what an awesome power player he is. Sure, he does have control over the game at this point, but, that doesn’t mean much when you’re targeting people for dumb, babyish reasons. Last week Ken clearly went after Marcus because he represented the good-looking high-school jocks who no doubt picked on video-game nerd Kenny in his youth, this week Kenny eliminated Charlie because they both discovered the same clue at last week’s feast, and both were targeted simply so Kenny could boast about blindsiding his competitors. Way to be petty.

And then there’s Randy, the most hateful and bitter blowhard left in the game. Am I the only one who suspects that his completely irrational hatred of Crystal comes down to simple racism? In his tribal council rant he targeted her and GC for forming “posses” and “gangs” – pretty loaded word choices to describe the only black players in the game.

It’s pretty clear right now that, no matter what twisty strategies emerge next week, a bonehead is ultimately going to win $1 million. Oh well – at least Charlie and his boy Marcus have been reunited in jury-ville. Romantic!


2 Responses to “The boneheads’ victory [Survivor – The Brains Behind Everything]”

  1. Being an insufferable Survivor tragic I happened to read an interview with Charlie where he claimed Sugar is getting the best edit out of everyone there. He says she was an obnoxious ‘princess’ whilst she was out there and would tear up people’s stuff without their permission to make clothes for herself. He also mentions that Ken had been calling him ‘fag’ to other people in the tribe.

    I agree with you that none of them are particularly likeable. It looks like the editors are setting Ken up for a big fall and probably the series will be won by someone boring like Bob.

    A bit of a shame given the last season actually was pretty cool.

  2. Wow – Kenny said Charlie is a “fag”? It’s going to be so awesome when he’s finally booted.

    And there is no shame in being an insufferable Survivor tragic!

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