Zac Efron hates screaming fans [High School Musical]

High School Musical

but who can blame him, really?

Zac, his fake girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens and their High School Musical 3 co-star Ashley Tisdale have been accused of being ungrateful, after they reportedly dumped gifts given to them by fans at the film’s Sydney premiere on Monday.

The trio were all allegedly fighting with each other on the day of the premiere anyway, so it’s no surprise they weren’t in the mood to accept mountains of teddy bears and flowers. But seriously: what are they supposed to do with all that junk? Fly it back to California and put it on a special shelf in their bedrooms?

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4 Responses to “Zac Efron hates screaming fans [High School Musical]”

  1. Yeah, it’s not exactly like they can hold on to everything, walk down a red carpet, and have to smile and strike poses for the cameras.

    You would hope that the gifts and things might eventually make it to a childrens hospital or something though.

  2. So, the guy doesn’t like clutter. Is that a crime?

  3. Also, I love how the fans place all the blame on Hudgens. ‘Cos that bitch stole their boyfriend, yo!

  4. Exactly. Proof that the pissed-off fans are just idiot girls who harboured fantasies that if they gave Zac a teddy bear he’d fall instantly in love, dump Vanessa and take them away with him. (That fantasy is only appropriate when I have it.)

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