Ten is so boned [news]


Ten has revealed the program that will replace Big Brother in its viewer-shedding 7pm timeslot come 2009:

MasterChef Australia: Anticipated to be one of the biggest ‘event’ TV shows of 2009, as hundreds of hopefuls are set to turn out across the country with aspirations of becoming Australia’s first true MasterChef. Over 10 weeks every “Donna Hay” wannabe from amateur cook to budding foodies and even tuck-shop mums will be tossing their chef’s hat in the ring, each hoping to become Australia’s next super chef. A team of experts will lead our 16 hopefuls through their staggering challenges as they battle it out for the grandest prize of all…the title of MasterChef.

Oh… wow.


7 Responses to “Ten is so boned [news]”

  1. I assume that “wow” is ironic. 😉

  2. Someone’s letting the work experience kid make programming choices again.

  3. And yet, it’s still going to be more entertaining than big birther

  4. brother, stupid laptop keyboard

  5. Has anyone seen the UK version?

    It is actually pretty handy for the odd “I can’t believe that Janice from Wagga thinks she is a cooking prodigy when her approach to making coulis is to mix strawberry jam and boiling water” kind of laugh.

  6. ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ goes primetime? I’m bored already, unless there is some kind of ‘Masterchef: Uncut’ spin off.

  7. Hey, do you remember when you said that masterchef would fail?

    So anyway, last night the finale scored 3.7 million viewers (and that’s just in metro areas)…

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