Harold Bishop is a fat so-and-so [Neighbours]

NeighboursFormer Neighbours star Ian Smith, who’s finally departed the tedious soap for good after “quitting” about 10 times, has revealed the years of abuse that he endured playing jowly fusspot Harold Bishop.

“You know it’s time to move on when you’re being hassled outside your home every night by drunk idiots screaming abuse… Every night at the same time they would drive up to my house and start revving their engines really loudly. I lost count of the times I was shouted at. They’d scream: ‘Harold you fat so and so’, but obviously their language was a lot stronger.”

I feel bad for Ian, who’s always made a point of differentiating himself from stodgy old Harold. But I’m not going to waste much sympathy on him, given that he refuses to rule out a return to Ramsay St. Jeez, if you’re going to quit, quit.


One Response to “Harold Bishop is a fat so-and-so [Neighbours]”

  1. Also: “I’m not what you’d call a soap fan. I did it for the money … I enjoyed it, but a soap is not something I would watch … Theatre is my first love and that’s something I’m keen to get back into.”

    Pompous git. He’s made his career writing and starring in soaps. Typifies the worst of that old-school toff actor who claims just to be doing the soapies for the money without actually having the talent to do proper acting – and in the meantime disparaging the industry and fans who have made him all that damn cash!

    Good riddance to him and that sad soap – which at least appears to be aware of its severe limitations.

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