Nelson Muntz is so gay [The Simpsons]

The SimpsonsIn the latest episode of The Simpsons, Nelson said that Milhouse is “super gay”. The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network is peeved at his choice of words, arguing that it’s inappropriate. (TMZ has a clip of the offending scene here.)

I’m inclined to agree, but not necessarily because I’m offended. Sure, folks shouldn’t use “that’s so gay” to describe something bad, Katy Perry, but it’s a term dimwits use, and Nelson is a dimwit.

Mostly I just find it lazy. The Simpsons has generally been pretty progressive about the gays – ‘Homer’s Phobia’ was pretty forward for 1997, even if that episode seems tacky and dated now – and to rely on easy, satire-free cracks like this is (yet more) evidence that the show should be retired, even if it is putting said cracks in the mouth of a fool.


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  1. […] D’oh! The Simpsons has come under fire from gay-rights groups for giving bully Nelson Muntz the line “that’s so gay”. Says the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network: “Many people say gay without even realising what they’re saying is bad… We’re trying to educate people that this is a term that is hurtful to young people when used in a negative way. We want people to understand when it’s inappropriate to use.” [via TV Junior] […]

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