Storm in a lesbian teacup [Grey’s Anatomy]

Grey's AnatomyI never thought Grey’s Anatomy would top the “Isaiah Washington calls T.R. Knight a faggot… twice” gay controversy, but they’re trying their darndest.

So here’s the deal: Dr Hahn (Brooke Smith, aka “the actress who spent most of The Silence of the Lambs at the bottom of a dirty hole) realises she’s a lesbian and gets it on with Dr Callie (who… what? Didn’t she used to be married to George? Who is gay in real life?! Confusing!). Bigots complain. Dr Hahn is swiftly dispatched from the series.

Shonda Rhimes reckons that Smith was fired because she and Sara Ramirez don’t share any “magic and chemistry”. (And don’t hold your breath for Callie to hook up with any other women any time soon.) But, coincidentally, Melissa George’s soon-to-be-introduced character, who was intended to be bisexual, will now be plain ol’ regular straight. How convenient.


2 Responses to “Storm in a lesbian teacup [Grey’s Anatomy]”

  1. Does anyone even watch this show anymore to care?

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