Historic moments in television [neat]

Barack Obama

Today at work we all huddled around our little TV in the office, maybe 20 or 30 of us, to listen to Barack Obama give his victory speech. Everyone was dead quiet, except for the occasional “ooh” or a giggle at some churlish remark (the cut to Oprah in the audience was also amusing).



4 Responses to “Historic moments in television [neat]”

  1. OH NO, somebody has hacked Michelle Obama and now she is bleeding profusely! Oh, wait…

  2. You’re right Jacob – she is looking a bit post-PETA activist with bucket o’ blood attacks at red carpet event. Rare fug from the black Jackie K/O nee B there.

  3. But a gazillion times better than creepy alien Cindy McCain’s outfit.

  4. I thought of another thing:

    …and it looks like the tourniquet she fashioned out of Sasha’s dress and wrapped around her torso hasn’t stopped the bleeding.

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