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Everybody hates Rosie [news]

Posted in news, North Americana, other shows on November 30, 2008 by jetsamjr

Rosie O'DonnellWell, here’s a huge surprise: Rosie O’Donnell’s one-off variety special Rosie Live royally tanked, tying for the title of Wednesday evening’s least watched show.

I don’t mind Rosie, that occasionally endearing loudmouth, but come on: it was pretty obvious the entire time that resurrecting the prime-time variety show was doomed to miserable failure, especially one featuring the likes of Clay Aiken and Liza Minnelli.


Molls at 20,000 feet [Ladette to Lady]

Posted in Australiana, Ladette to Lady, news, Nine on November 30, 2008 by jetsamjr

Ladette to Lady

The upcoming Australian version of Ladette to Lady promises to be a trashy moll-fest, if the contestants’ appalling behaviour on their international flight to Eggleston Hall is any indication:

The eight Australian women, on an Emirates airlines flight to Britain to film the series, shocked and intimidated other passengers – including elderly travellers and those with young children – by swearing and telling obscene stories.

Their behaviour was so outrageous cabin crew had to officially warn them.

One fellow passenger was reportedly so affronted by the girls’ behaviour that she burst into tears. Goodness me!

Now that’s good advertising [Mad Men]

Posted in Australiana, Mad Men, neat!, North Americana on November 27, 2008 by jetsamjr

The second season of Mad Men premieres in Australia on December 14 on Movie Extra. To commemorate the occasion, the network sent me this sweet press kit:

Mad Men

It includes the series on DVD, an expensive-looking leather file thing, and a fake newspaper that doubles as press notes. The heart-shaped box contains tissues which have the Mad Men logo on them:

Mad Men


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The cutest YouTube clip you will ever see [Sesame Street]

Posted in hee!, kids' shows, North Americana, Sesame Street, video on November 27, 2008 by jetsamjr

Make sure you watch right till the very end:

The final Cylon revealed… sort of [Battlestar Galactica]

Posted in Battlestar Galactica, gossip, North Americana, spoilerama on November 27, 2008 by jetsamjr

Battlestar GalacticaSyFy Portal reckons the final Cylon is one of these five Battlestar Galactica characters: Lee Adama; Felix Gaeta; Laura Roslin (OMG it will be sooooo lame if it’s her); Ellen Tigh; or Cally Tyrol (ugh, no thanks). What, no Dualla?

My money’s on Gaeta.

[Via Ausiello Files]

Everybody loves Dorota [Gossip Girl]

Posted in Gossip Girl, neat!, news, North Americana on November 27, 2008 by jetsamjr

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl‘s producers are launching a mobile-only series of shorts, and their initial idea was Young Rufus and Lily in Love. Booooo-ring!

Instead the mobisodes will focus on an infinitely better subject: Dorota! Blair’s ever-loyal, ambiguously accented, Cyndi Lauper-worshipping housekeeper and confidante! Oh, the adventures she’ll have…

When will they make a Count Duckula movie? [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]

Posted in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, gossip, movies, North Americana on November 27, 2008 by jetsamjr

TwilightI went to see Twilight today. Surprisingly, I didn’t think it sucked (pun intended) – which is weird, considering that the book series on which the movies is based is execrebly awful. Seriously, don’t read them.

Anyway. Some folks are wondering whether Twilight‘s runaway success might push along the long-hoped-for Buffy movie*. And when I say “some folks” I mean “the geeks at io9 who aren’t exactly objective about the whole thing”. But still: Buffy movie, neat! (SMG will never go for it, but it’s not like the role hasn’t been recast before, right?)

*Yes – I realise there has already been a Buffy movie. You know what I mean.