Is a simple riff on “She’ll be back” really that difficult? [sci-fi]

The Sarah Connor Chronicles was renewed this weekend, and I gotta say… I am disappointed with sections of the internet media sorely lacking in hilariously awful Terminator puns. A sampling of headlines I lifted out of Google Reader:

Fox gives full order to ‘Sarah Connor (Really, Variety? “Full order”? That’s the best you can do? Really?)
Fox nabs full season of ‘Terminator’ (Ditto Hollywood Reporter)
“Terminator” is back with full season of episodes (Zzzz, Reuters)

All terrible. FAIL. Sure – internet readers only scan headlines for keywords, blah blah. But still. How do you a pass up the opportunity to pun on one of the greatest sci-fi franchises of all time?!

Not great efforts, but better:

Terminator not yet terminated
The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Survive… For Now [Television]

The lamest, and therefore the best, puns:

Fox saves Sarah…Connor, that is
This Just In: ‘Sarah Connor‘ Will Be Back



2 Responses to “Is a simple riff on “She’ll be back” really that difficult? [sci-fi]”

  1. “Terminator gets full term”

    nyuck nyuck

  2. Confession: I sniggered.

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