Hornbags deflate [Kath & Kim]

I just watched the second episode of the US Kath & Kim, and… meh.

The show is kind of weird. And not all that funny. The cast – who I all like, even the goofy Mikey Day – do their best, but the problem is with the script: it’s too broad, it tries too hard, and its foxy ladies are just stoopid.

Okay, for example: episode two has its Very Own Original Plot in which Kath uses Phil’s connections to score a stall in a beauty exhibition at the mall, where she plans to put on a hair show (in the US series she’s a hairdresser). Kim is her model, which leads to shenanigans. The episode ends (spoiler!) with Kath styling a risky hairdo to impress her rivals:

This disaster – dubbed “the Flying Wedge” – isn’t merely a bad hairdo, it’s not even a hairdo. Not even the most out-of-touch, deluded American suburbanite would consider this chic… so when Kath, Kim, Phil and everyone else in the mall react to it like it is chic, the gag falls flat. The series isn’t spoofing suburban tackiness; it becomes just another sitcom that relies on all its characters being near-retarded.

And this isn’t just the “Australian original vs American adaptation” argument all over again – even Americans aren’t taking well to the series. Au revoir, foxy ladies?


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